Why Repair

Why Repair?

Near Invisible repairs to Cashmere and Woolen Sweaters along with coats and jackets and other knitted items a speciality

The answer as to why to repair is probably more evident when you look at the below.

It is probable that everyone at some time or other has torn or burnt a hole in a favourite jacket or trousers or worse, reached into the wardrobe to find that moths have dined out on their favourite winter coat. What would you do in such a situation? Relegate the jacket to the dustbin, the trousers, no longer befitting a business meeting or important job interview, consigned to the lowly position of gardening or DIY apparel.

The coat, well surely beyond redemption – well that is what one might have thought. British Invisible Mending Service have for the best part of a century been providing the remedy to these clothing problems and accidents.

If you are one of these people, you can trust in the knowledge that our skilled operatives at British Invisible Mending Service will do everything they can to reinstate your garment to the condition it was in before it met with that fateful accident. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that often the costs of repair maybe met by your household or other insurance, dependent upon your policy and how the damage was sustained.


This Jacket would have probably ended up in the charity shop or worst still the dustbin.

It’s owner who was recomended to us by a friend was highly delighted when we transformed the damage as seen on the left to – the jacket repaired as new below. The Client was more than happy as the nearly new jacket was returned to the condition it was in prior to the accidental damage occuring.

Invisible mending at its best the safety pin now required to indicate where the damage had previously been


Once again, individual strands of the wool are taken from hidden parts of the garment and are carefully re-knitted by hand thus reinstating the garment to its former glory.
It may be worth pointing out that due to the labour intensive and very time consuming nature of our work, there will be instances where in fact it may be cheaper to replace the garment.
In any event, we are delighted to provide an estimate as to the costs involved, once we have had the opportunity to inspect the extent of the damage thus leaving the decision as to repair or not to repair to you our customer.

Whilst we have achieved wide acclaim, even notoriety for our ability to invisibly repair most woven fabrics, a similar process is employed on knitted materials especially cashmere sweaters which during the moth larvae season provide a favourite source of food for these little critters.

Knitwear damage 1

As can be seen here, the moth damage present in the wool sweater (photo on the left is virtually) undetectable once repaired (photo on the right) requiring a safety pin to mark the spot or some very careful scrutiny to find the repair.


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